Her Dating App Review – What you need to know

Her Dating App Review – What you need to know

HER Dating App is the only lesbian dating app I will ever use again. I know what you’re thinking – that I’m crazy and how could one app possibly be enough, but that’s why I wanted to write this HER dating app review. I know for a fact that LGBTQ dating is intimidating in a world designed for heterosexuals. That’s where HER dating app comes in –

The app made for lesbian women BY lesbian women.

I’d seen another HER dating app reviews online and decided I had nothing to lose by trying it out. After signing up and making my account via Facebook, I wasn’t filled with too much optimism. My previous failures on Tinder filled me with pessimism, so why would the Her dating app be any different?

Wow, was I wrong. Right away I realized this app was different. I had complete control over my profile. HER dating app takes a very open approach to its profile design. I can add my pictures and convey what I want to broadcast through text to everyone, both locally and globally, rather than having to repeat it to everyone I matched with. This was something I really liked. It saved a lot of time later on due to the massive amount of matches I received. And I had a LOT of matches. ??

One of my favourite features was the ‘Feed‘ section. It’s similar to my Facebook feed, but far more tailored to what I wanted to see. Stuff like lesbian events, pictures and opinions via statuses. Something the app promised from the get-go and successfully delivered on. The team behind the app definitely have a clear vision. They have certainly carved out their own niche in the overcrowded dating app sector. I’ve seen other dating app reviews complain about a lack of personality on their chosen app and this is where HER stands out.

The stats

I decided in my HER dating app review I’d include some stats for you, just to let you see where the company is at, and where it might be going in the future. HER dating app was first released in 2013 under the name Dattch and was re-branded in early 2015 to the current name, HER. I first believed it was purely a dating site, but during my time using the app showed me it has far more to offer. Events and thoughts shared with local status updates made it more of a social experience than the likes of Tinder. I found the app to have a well-rounded focus. I’d definitely classify it as a lifestyle app within a dating app.

Now to the part everyone dreads, the pricing. Thankfully it isn’t all that scary with the app being entirely free for its basic functions. When you want more functionality, the pricing model does kick in. You’ll need this to activate five extra features.

  • Online Now
  • Who Has Liked My Profile
  • Change Location
  • Unlimited Swipes
  • Rewind Profiles

What it packs

I believe most dating app reviews don’t analyze features enough, preferring to focus on members or pricing. This is unfortunate because one of the aspects HER gets completely right are its features. From having the ability to meet people, link interesting websites and share events, to rewinding profiles and seeing who has liked my profile. The app is packed with value-added features that make it feel fresh in comparison to other popular dating apps. Most importantly, it requires Facebook or Instagram verification, meaning no more catfishing or men posing as women. Dating app reviews also often miss this out, yet it was one of my main requirements for a lesbian dating app and HER certainly delivered.

The last word

So as I said before, I’ve used other dating apps and posted dating app reviews. I know what it’s like to scroll through profiles and feel like I’m not a good match with anyone, but that’s why this lesbian dating app is different. I loved that HER dating app lets me rewind back to profiles through the ‘Meet’ feature, instead of having to make a snap decision. It’s great because I had the flexibility to scroll past a profile and then return later, unlike with other popular dating apps. Truly a game-changer.

For me, one of the biggest negative points of HER was the amount of choice! The app really lived up to its tagline.

Where every lesbian you’ve ever wanted to meet is at.

In the 6 days I used HER I spoke directly with 13 people, commented on several local statuses and arranged 1 date (all without meeting a single man or catfish). If that’s not a success, I don’t know what is! If you don’t believe me, just check other HER dating app reviews. Plenty of women feel exactly the same, which leads me on to this dating app review rating.


I believe my HER dating app review reflects the score I have given of 4 stars out of 5. It has great interface, accessibility and pool of members, but I was let-down slightly by the high premium membership price point. Overall however, I would completely recommend the app and would encourage you to try it.

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